Managing your finances at camp

Everybody knows that carrying large amounts of cash is unwise and risky and that’s no different wherever you go in the world.  But with so many options for finance available to travellers how do you know what is the best solution for you?  We asked camp counsellor Jenny how she handled her finances during her summer working in America:

“I took just enough cash to see me through the first week or so to allow me to find my feet, purchase any forgotten items and enjoy a couple of staff social events that happened during training week. Then I also had a Lyk travel card with me which was easy and convenient to use and could be topped up from my UK bank using the app whenever I needed too.  I was paid my full salary at the end of camp although there was an option to get an advance on my pay ($100 – $200) if I needed it.  I wanted to save mine for when I was traveling after camp and I found that I didn’t need to spend much money through the summer anyway so that worked out well.

Our camp helped us to organise setting up an American bank account which we were able to do once we had registered for a Social Security number (something which is essential for anyone working in the States).  We could then get cash when we went to the bank – I didn’t get any cash as I nearly always pay with card and I hate ending up with loads of change! I was able to use my UK bank card abroad and had discussed this with my bank before I left.

On my days off it was a nice treat to get a decent coffee and meal off camp as well as any activities I wanted to do – we would go out a few nights a week for a few drinks which was nice for getting to know everyone.  If I was to do a camp again, I would make sure I had more money as there were so many things I wanted to do and I would save harder to have more however getting a lump sum at the end of camp was great for me travelling afterwards, and meant I didn’t have to cut short my travel plans.”

You can find out about Lyk cards here: