Check out camp locations

Make My Summer is currently working with the following camps:

In California

Camp Augusta

YMCA Camp Whittle

In New York

Long Lake Performing Arts Camp

Long Lake Camp Adventures

In Pennsylvania

Independent Lake Camp

Camp Cayuga

Camp Lohikan

If you cannot find what you are looking for within these locations then please get in touch and tell us your aspiration for the summer as there are many more camps we work with indirectly or in a less formal role.

Start your journey

With so much readily available information on the internet it is often hard to know where to start!

You may not have any fixed ideas about what you want to do next summer and may be exploring lots of opportunities in lots of different industries…get in touch!

You may know you want to work or travel abroad, you may even know you want to visit America, but you may not know exactly what you want to do…get in touch!

You may know you want to work at a camp but you aren’t sure what role is best or where you might be happiest…get in touch!

You may have an exact idea of where you want to work and what job you want to do but just need help with the logistics…get in touch!

It doesn’t matter where you are with the process, there are a lot of decisions to be made and forms to fill out – having a friendly face to guide you through will instantly help you to move forward with your plans.  Just drop us an email and tell us if you would prefer a reply by email or phone and start your journey today.