Our service follows a 3-stage process:

  1. Get to know you
  2. Advise and explore options
  3. Celebrate, support and prepare

Stage one: Get to know you

You may have come to this page after seeing a job advert, you may have found us after doing a Google search or you may have arrived here after being recommended by a previous staff member.  Whichever way you found us, we’re glad you did and if it’s your first time with us we always start with a friendly email exchange.

We love to get to know prospective camp staff as well as we can before we even think about suggesting possible summer job options. We have lost count of the number of times someone has enquired about the possibility of working as a tennis coach (for example) only to find out that they have a secret passion for skateboarding (for example) and they never even knew there was a possibility to teach skateboarding at a summer camp.  We have also experienced those people who on paper may not look to have the right skills or experience but through conversations we just know they are going to be the perfect addition to a staff team and it becomes our job then to help them to realise their potential.

Send us an email today introducing yourself and your aspirations for the summer and let the conversation begin….you never know where it may lead you…


Stage two: Advise and explore options

Sometimes there is an obvious choice for where you should apply but in many cases there are so many options that the choice is in fact overwhelming.  We like to begin by narrowing the options down to a few recommendations based on the information you have provided.  We will provide you with camp websites to look at and suggest YouTube videos to watch; after all, camp is very much about the people and you will no doubt be drawn to the camp you feel you will best fit in.

When you have decided on your top choice we will help you to liaise with the camp to gain yourself an interview.  We recommend only applying to one camp at a time and waiting to find out if you were successful before moving onto a second choice as camps will not waste time interviewing candidates they do not believe are 100% committed to them.  Once you have earned yourself an interview then it is over to you and it is your job to WOW them. We will happily advise and reassure you as to what you can expect from an interview but it is YOU they are interested in and it is important to be as real as possible since you will be living and working at the camp for up to 3 months at a time.

Try not to be disheartened if your first choice doesn’t work out – just like trying on clothes, something may look perfect on the hanger but even when the design is perfect the fit may not be quite right.  It is always better to take the time to find that perfect fit rather than invest time and money into something that never quite sits right.


Stage three: Celebrate, support and prepare

All hiring decisions are made by the camp and all contracts are negotiated between yourselves and the Camp Director.   We are here to help you understand the contract and raise any concerns you may have but MMS are not responsible for contract exchanges.

Gaining a summer camp job is definitely something to celebrate and we cannot wait to share that moment with you! Every member of our team has worked at a summer camp and remembers the elation they felt the moment they secured their first camp job.

If you are applying from a country outside of the USA then you will need a J1 visa to allow you to enter the country and work legally.  Some camps have preferred visa partners who they will instruct you to use whilst others allow you to use a visa sponsor of your own choosing.  Regardless of who you choose to be your visa sponsor, we are here to guide you through the process on a one-to-one basis.  You will be assigned a mentor who you will be able to contact via email, skype and phone.  We also run a Facebook group which you will be invited to join which will give you access to additional support, immediate reassurance and key information.