The benefits of spending a summer working at an American summer camp are immeasurable.  You will gain relevant work experience crucial for your resume (CV) and you will grow as a person in ways we cannot predict.  You will learn to deal with the unexpected, have confidence in your own decision making, perfect the art of time management and learn what it means to be a true role model.  But most importantly you will find out the trick to creating perfect tie-dye t-shirts…

The friends you make will become friends for life and they won’t just be from America, you will be living and working with friends from all over the world.  Gaining cultural awareness in this way can only enhance your future job prospects as modern working life is truly multi-cultural.

We will never “sell” the camp experience.  It is not our job to persuade you that it is the right thing to do;  we will direct you to all the information we can to help you see for yourself whether summer camp is right for you.  We also don’t like to blow our own trumpet so if you need some reassurance that we are the right people to help guide you through this process, please take a moment to read these comments taken from our Facebook page reviews:

“I had the best time working at a summer camp in New Jersey and I never would have taken the opportunity were it not for the support and advice offered to me by makemysummer. At every step, everything was explained clearly and I was offered constant support from the same person, which was comforting to know that I had someone to ask for assistance should I need it. I’m really grateful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to go back!”

 “Working in a summer camp is an incredible experience everyone should try in their lifetime, perfectly suited for anyone aged 18 and over. Makemysummer really do an amazing job at this too, supplying one-to-one advice and direct help, a service truly personalized to everyone’s needs. They are in direct contact with wonderful camps throughout the US and provide dedicated assistance from the beginning of the process until the very end of the summer. Just got done with my 3rd year at camp through Makemysummer and cannot wait for the next!”

“Fantastic company, extremely helpful and gave great insightful advice. They’ve done it all before and you can tell because everyone is so down to earth. Would definitely use makemysummer again!”

“Working at a summer camp is the greatest experience of my life and MakeMySummer have helped me really make the most of it! They have a great connection with the camp directors they hire for and in my experience they provide a much better service at a lower cost than some other companies. Going to summer camp isn’t cheap but going through MakeMySummer meant money worries were non-existent for me. They also provide every piece of information and advice you could possibly need regarding camp life as well as travelling to/ around the US. Looking forward to plan my 3rd year at camp with them!”