“Camp is a hive of creativity and talent from the kids to the counsellors that go there. I have learned many different skills that don’t only pertain to the jobs I was doing but also relate well to professional skills that are relatable to any job sector.

Before camp I was one of those kinds of people that couldn’t organise a meal in a McDonald’s. Once I started to work as a Unit Leader, that had to change. All the paperwork that came with the role was easy if organised so I learned quickly how to organise it all and prioritise my days task to ensure I got everything I needed to done. Now I don’t know how I have managed to survive as long as I did without these skills.

You will also learn to organise time and tasks with any job at camp, not just if you are a unit leader, because the kids get to choose their own schedules and book lessons with you and as you may know, children are forgetful. This means you have to keep a schedule and make sure you do as much as you can to keep the kids to their schedule too.

Communication is another thing that you will definitely learn at camp. I considered myself a really good communicator before camp, and I was, but when in an environment where communication is limited to purely verbal, you hone those skills and really get a knack for making sure that the right people have the right information at the right time. It’s really refreshing constantly talking to people instead of firing an email or texting!

Besides the boring but helpful skills of communication and organisation, I learned lots of different skills from other counsellors such as juggling, ukulele, a few piano chords and an increased knowledge of musical theatre. All of these things are less likely to come up in any job interviews, but they are fun things to have for parties at least!”

Josh, Long Lake Camp

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