Applying for a job at Camp Augusta in the words of Ross Burton who worked there for two summers

“Camp Augusta has a rather unique application process; in terms of job applications it’s quite the monster! Not only does it take many hours of forms, personality tests, soul searching questions, and Skype interviews, but at times it was a personal challenge as well. To give an example the first question was “Who are you?”; I wrote about 500 words, I later learned that this was a little under the average for successful applications!

So is it worth it? 110% yes! You won’t find another summer camp experience that compares.

lake vera

Camp Augusta is situated in northern California within some of the most beautiful woodland and forest I have ever seen; it is wonderfully unspoilt and the wildlife is genuinely impressive, everything from skunks to mountain lions and from deer to bears. The camp sits on Lake Vera which provides the camp with a wonderful water-sports program. I had the opportunity to sleep under the stars in the fresh night air away from any city lights – the sounds and smells of nature is something sorely lacking from my life in the “real” world.

Staff put their heart and soul into getting a job at this camp but this effort is rewarded as Camp Augusta puts its heart and soul into its staff.   Staff training at Augusta is something special; at 3-4 weeks it is the longest training of any summer camp in the states. We learnt numerous skills in empathy, conflict management, psychology, education, one-to-one support, and communication. But also many simple fun games, and of course the skills sessions that we would be teaching over the summer.

Many staff members come to Augusta with skills ready to teach, and many come in with no prior experience in anything at camp apart from an enthusiasm to learn. In the course of training I learnt how to sword fight, shoot a crossbow, throw a bola, launch a slingshot, and make a friendship bracelet.

So, my final advice; take the plunge and try it out!  There are so many different camps out there but if you can relate to the philosophy at Augusta – and you will know within minutes of visiting their website if you can – then look at this immense application as an immense opportunity.  If you succeed you will lucky enough to have an experience that will change your life and training to take forward in all you do in the future.”

Ross Burton was once a physics teacher in secondary schools. Having quit his job to go to America for the summer he has returned to pursue a life of self-employment. He now tutors secondary school pupils in science, hosts science themed children’s parties, and occasionally appears as a T.V. extra. But mostly he is a professional circus performer; under the name Alexander Rossi he performs and teaches circus skills with specialisations in juggling, staff spinning, diabolo, fire, and magic.

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