Volunteer work

Why Volunteer?


Volunteering is a life-changing experience not just for you but for those people (or animals!) that you help through your work.  Volunteering is a great way to really make a difference: it is challenging, rewarding, emotive, and above all it is an essential aspect of many worthwhile organisation's survival. 




 Many people are put off the idea of volunteering abroad due to the perceived high cost but we are committed to making volunteering more accessible by reducing the costs involved in the organisation of your placement. Any costs associated with our summer experiences are clearly identified so that you can see exactly what you are spending your money on and any fees paid directly to makemysummer.com is in return for a tangible service that you will benefit from directly.


How to apply

1. Check out the Jobs Board for up-to-date listings.

2. Submit an enquiry for more information or complete the required application form

3. Arrange a Skype or face-to-face meeting with a Recruitment advisor who will assess your suitability for the role

4. Collect and process relevent paperwork (references/criminal record checks/health checks as required)