About makemysummer.com

Makemysummer.com  provides information and inspiration about work and travel opportunities during the summer months. 
Makemysummer.com  provides a community network connecting students and young people with employers, travel providers and other summer experience seekers in order to share ideas and investigate opportunities for summer work/travel programs.
 encourages friends/family to share in your summer experience to get instant alerts for your photos/blog updates and instant access to all the resources and information they could ever need!
will be teaming up with our recommended partners to offer discounts and promotions just for MMS users! 

Once logged on to this interactive website, you can search blogs, photos, information and other users to gain ideas and inspiration for how you can spend your summer months. Read reviews and gain multiple perspectives from employers and others who have already participated and want to share their experience with others. A great way to plan the summer and ensure maximum fun and enjoyment!
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